Domino Server console missing in Windows Server 2008


Domino Server console missing in Windows Server 2008

April 4, 2011

Due to an architectural change in Windows Server 2008 the Domino Server console will no longer display when run as a Windows service . Any service running under Windows Server 2008, will run under session 0, and for security reasons, Microsoft has locked down the session 0 from all user interactions. If you would like to display the Domino console similarly to previous Windows Server versions you will need to configure the Domino Windows service to run in “Domino Server Controller” (Java Console) mode as seen below.

There are 2 advantages of running a Domino server in java console mode: (1) You can issue a remote console server command to multiple servers in a single click. For example, you can restart multiple servers, or broadcast a Notes prompt pop-up to all active users on multiple mail servers in a single click, and (2) You can issue remote console server commands to a server via SSL port 2050 rather than competing with traffic on Notes port 1352. You can access the server remotely using the “Domino Console” client rather than your “Domino Administrator” client if you desire to issue server console commands to multiple servers. However, you might need to contact your network team to open port 2050 if you are having connectivity issues.

Enable Domino Server as a Windows Service in Java Console mode

1. Delete Domino from running as Windows Service.

i.e.  Go to command prompt (Run as administrator), then issue command:  sc delete "Lotus Domino Server"


i.e.  Go to command prompt (Run as administrator), then issue command:  C:\Lotus\Domino\ntsvinst.exe -d -t"Lotus Domino Server"

2. Enable Domino running as Windows Service in “Domino Server Controller” (Java Console) mode.

i.e.  Go to a command prompt (Run as administrator), then issue command:  sc create "Lotus Domino Server Controller (java console)" binpath= "C:\Lotus\Domino\nservice.exe =C:\Lotus\Domino\notes.ini -jc -c" displayname= "Lotus Domino Server Controller (java console)"

3. Create a Windows Desktop shortcut (i.e. C:\Lotus\Domino\jconsole.exe) called “Domino Console” on the Domino server. Copy the desktop shortcut to folders “C:\Users\Public\Desktop” and “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”. This will automatically launch the Domino Console client when logging into the Windows Server and display the Domino Console desktop shortcut.

Optional: Access the Domino Console client on a remote computer

1. Create a Windows Desktop shortcut called “Domino Console” on your remote computer. You can autheticate using your Domino User name and internet password.

i.e.  C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\jconsole.exe



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